Stream Three New Tracks from Adam Ficek

Adam Ficek will be releasing a new album through his side project, Roses Kings Castles, on December 5th via The Sycamore Club. He’s kindly given us the exclusive first listen to three tracks from the album, ‘British Plastic’, which you can listen to below. He’s also contributed some commentary on each of the songs.

These Are The Days
This song was always intended as an opener, there aren’t many chords but what it lacks in harmony it makes up for in a London brick wall of guitar and drums. The lyrics are pretty self explanatory: if you’re getting a clump from those that wield more power than yourself, take out the biggest guy and the rest will follow. Pick yourself up and keep on trucking – time always catches up with the bad ones.

Here Comes The Summer
‘Here Comes The Summer’ is about breaking for the sun. All said and done, it’s never nice to be scrapping on such a blissfully sunny, summer’s day. The words go “people fight, but here comes the summer“. As we’re now creeping into winter, it has never been more apt.

Kittens Become Cats
It’s about growing up and turning into a cat. Maybe it isn’t – lots of these songs were written and conceived in a very unsettled period for me. You look around to find lots of people tying shoe laces just when you need them. Separates the wheat from the chaff though.

You can catch Roses Kings Castles live at the following tour dates:
25th Oct – London – 93 Feet East
26th Oct – Cardiff – Buffalo Bar
28th Oct – Birmingham – Bar Academy
30th Oct – Derby – Victoria Inn
3rd Noc – Cluny – Newcastle
4th Nov – Darlington – Seen
5th Nov – The Battery – Chesterfield