Strummerville’s Top 20 DIY Bands – Free MP3s

Today marks the eighth anniversary of The Clash’s Joe Strummer’s death, and the Joe Strummer Foundation for New Music has been doing an incredible job promoting new music in his honour. Strummerville, established shortly after the musician’s death in 2002, was founded by his wife Lucinda in order to provide rehearsal space and studio time to musicians who lack the funding to do so on their own.

Strummerville logo

Strummerville DIY is a platform for new bands to showcase their music for free, and the Top 20 playlist is updated every Monday to reflect the most downloaded tracks. With a recent redesign, the platform has seen more than 250 bands involved – it even featured Mumford & Sons before they hit the big-time.

Check out a few of the tracks you can download for free below, and head over to Strummerville DIY to download the rest of the freebies available now.

Strummerville took London five-piecer Rum Shebeen on tour across the UK earlier this year, while experimental-pop duo The Welcome Committee have had their tunes spun on the likes of BBC Radio 1 and XFM and Swagga‘s combination of ska and hip-hop has received more than 24,500 plays on MySpace.
Rum Shebeen
Rum Shebeen – ‘Tropical’

The Welcome Committee – ‘The Brave’

Swagga – ‘Rudeboys’