Suckers – It Gets Your Body Movin’ – Free MP3

After a week of remixes and jittery digital beats, we thought it was time to take it back to guitars, group harmonies and lo-fi. Namely this emotional track by Suckers. From its title, we expected a juggernaut of electro violence, intended to provoke the most uncoordinated of teeth-chattering dance moves. Instead we stumbled upon a whistling summer anthem, and immediately ached for smokey BBQs and sunset-watching in parks on the edge of the city.

Photo: Sam Fleischner

Suckers was started by two cousins who spent their childhood tuning in to oldies radio stations and playing keyboards into Dictaphones. Often pushed into the same camp as Yeasayer, MGMT, Dragons Of Zynth and Chairlift, you won’t be surprised to learn they pose in marathon-style tinfoil cloaks, and flood the stage with projections and ‘found’ instruments when playing live. Evidence can be seen below in this footage from their Glasslands gig in April.

But none of that ‘influenced by’ and ‘similar to’ stuff matters when it’s a really hot day in June and you can’t wait to get off work and sit by the river, basking in that almost melancholic haze that hits you at the end of summer days. We’ll get the Magners in.

Download Sucker‘s ‘It Gets Your Body Movin” here

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