Suede – Do You Want Them Back For Good?

“Let’s do it again in seven years’ time,” Brett Anderson smiled at the climax of Suede’s Royal Albert Hall show two nights ago. A similar pronouncement came at the 100 Club warm-up gig a few days previous, and when the reformation was initially announced, it was stressed that this was to be strictly a one-off, in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Whether or not this turns out to be true, two things are certain. One: these shows went some way to reasserting Suede’s status as a truly special British band. Two: their super-devoted fanbase, despite all the subsequent press dubbing them “the forgotten men of Britpop” or whatever, want them now as much as ever.

In this respect, given the relatively small amount of tickets available, it seems a shame that they wouldn’t do at least a few more shows. Remember: this is a band who were as-if-not-more obsessed over in other parts of the world as they were in the UK. The demand to see them is certainly there.

Plus, most importantly of all, the shows were incendiary.

So what do you think? Were you at any of the shows? Do you think Suede should continue? Or is it best left as a beautiful one-off, to be reprised in 2017?