Swearin’ Singer Allison Crutchfield Covers ‘Special To Me’ From 1970s Cult Horror Phantom Of The Paradise

As cool ideas for compilation albums go, San Francisco imprint Father / Daughter Records’ ‘Faux Real’ series takes some beating. The concept is simple: real bands cover songs by fake ones, from films, TV shows, cartoons and the like. Last time around Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz took on ‘Pretend to be Nice’ by Josie and The Pussycats, Philly hero Radiator Hospital poured his heart into a cover of ‘How Did I Ever Get So Lucky?’ while Orlando songwriter Levek spun Muppets favourite ‘Don’t Blame the Dynamite’ by Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem into something pretty special.

The lineup’s even better this time around, on ‘Faux Real II’, out April 28. There’s a scuzzed-up version of ‘…Victory Song’ from Adam Sandler movie Billy Maddison courtesy of Krill, New Yorkers LVL UP doing ‘Somebody Please Kill Me’ from The Wedding Singer (a lot of love for Adam Sandler among Father /Daughter’s friends and family, huh?) and perhaps most exciting of all, this gem from Allison Crutchfield, singer in Philly punks Swearin’, sister to Waxahatchee’s Kate Crutchfield and roomie to the aforementioned Radiator Hospital.

“I first saw [1974 Brian De Palma horror movie] Phantom Of The Paradise at my dear friend Perry Shall’s birthday,” Crutchfield tells NME. “He’d organised a screening at his house because it’s one of his favourites, and though I was wary to watch a movie I’d never heard of, I was immediately in love with everything about it. Every element is so nuanced and bizarre and oddly specific to this weird little scene that is ruled (and scored) flawlessly by Paul Williams. The song Phoenix sings in the audition scene is my favourite because it’s literally her make-or-break moment and she handles it like a true badass singing a weird perfect pop song.”

Turning the track into her very own weird, perfect, badass pop song, ‘Special To Me’ should help tide fans over till Swearin’ finally follow up 2013’s awesome second album ‘Surfing Strange’. ‘Faux Real II’ is released on April 28. Head to Father / Daughter Records for more information.