Sweet Sweet Lies Cover The Stone Roses – Free MP3 – What Do You Think?

Reinterpreting the classics is one of those brave / foolhardy decisions that never fails to polarise people but will always get you attention. We’ve covered a few covers on the Daily Download, from Codeine Velvet Club relatively popular take on ‘I Am The Resurrection’ to Blakfish’s less well-received Kings Of Leon tribute via Micah P. Hinson‘s sweet take on ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’.

Sweet Sweet Lies

Sweet Sweet Lies are the latest to send in a cover, and they’ve also gone down the Stone Roses route. The grey-scale Mumford-esque folksters are Big In Brighton and looking to break through with their debut single ‘Overrated Girlfriend / The Day I Change’, which is out on 19th April on Dumb Angel. Read more about them here. This is their take on ‘Waterfall’. You like? NB, this post’s comments have been somewhat skewed by unknown forces possibly related to the band

Download Sweet Sweet LiesWaterfall here