T In The Park Fans Give Their Verdict On Brexit and A Second Shot At Independence

The dust is still settling on last month’s EU referendum vote, but in Scotland – one of only three areas of the UK, along with London and Northern Ireland, which voted decisively to Remain – the result is still an open wound that could yet lead to a second independence referendum. Here’s what T in the Park had to say about the biggest political earthquake to hit Britain in a generation…

Josh Spiers and Alastair Madden

Both 20, Motherwell

How did you feel about the Brexit vote?
Josh: I was more disappointed than I thought I’d be, but that’s democracy, isn’t it? You can’t complain. I voted Remain, but it’s one of those things.

Alastair: I was a bit gutted, but you’ve got to accept it. I was weary of that outcome already, but then it all started to untangle when Johnson and Farage made their moves. A lot of folk voted on their promises, and I don’t know how they fell for it, but that’s democracy.

Do you hold a grudge against the English and Welsh voters who voted out?
Alastair: A wee bit, yeah. But there were a lot of sensible people in England who voted to Remain as well. At the same time, there were a lot of Little Englanders who voted to leave on racist grounds, and you see that now with hate crime figures going up. What they don’t realise is that we’re already a great country – the people who come to Britain are what makes it great, and it’s disappointing to see people voting against that.

Should Scotland go for independence again?
Josh: It doesn’t matter what happens, I would never vote for independence. But that’s just me, and I would never try to convince anyone to try and come round to my way of thinking. I’m just set in my ways.

Alastair: I would now vote for independence. Two years ago I thought, ‘I’ll give Westminster one last chance’ but what’s gone on over the last couple of years has been shambolic. Holyrood might not do a better job, but it probably couldn’t do a worse one. The only thing that might concern me is how the economy would cope, but the British economy could hardly do much worse. We may as well give it a go, is my opinion.

Gun to your head, who do you want to win the Tory leadership race and become our next Prime Minister?.
Josh: My old fella is a polis, and he hates Theresa May, but I’d still rather have her than Angela Leadsome.

Alastair: It’s a sign of the times when you’d rather have Theresa May – who’s a human rights abuser – than Angela Leadsmen, who’s just a watered-down Farage. It shows you how bad the state of things are. I don’t think anyone in Scotland would have predicted that they’d be sad to see the back of David Cameron, but now you find yourself thinking, ‘He was actually alright.’ There were a lot of flaws, and I’m not saying that I like him, but at one point we were facing the prospect of Trump on one side of the pond and Boris Johnson on the other. I wouldn’t have been moving to another country if that happened, I’d be moving to Mars.

Louise McLean and Callum McGeachan

both 18, Hamilton

How did you feel about the Brexit vote?
Louise: I thought it was absolutely terrible. The campaign was full of scaremongering, and it was an absolute joke.

Callum: I was upset. I wanted us to stay. I thought the whole idea of leaving the EU was a bad one and… it just seemed stupid, to me.

Should Scotland go for independence again?
Louise: I think Scotland should be independent, and that should be it. We shouldn’t be a part of England to start with.

Callum: 100%, I think Scotland should go for independence. We both voted for it the last time, too.

Gun to your head, who do you want to win the Tory leadership race and become our next Prime Minister?
Louise: It’s all just a joke, really, isn’t it? I don’t want to have an opinion on who England should have as their Prime Minister. If they want Boris Johnson, let them have him.

Callum: I don’t feel like either Angela Leadsom or Theresa May should be Prime Minister. I don’t agree with them on anything. And if a political party is split that badly, it shouldn’t really work.

Brad McGuinnes

23, Essex

How did you feel about the Brexit vote?
I voted Remain, but democracy happened and people had their say, so you can’t fault that. I think we’re heading for uncertainty, but I don’t believe the stories that say we’re definitely doomed, because we’re the first country to leave the EU, and it looks like it might not even happen at all. I would have preferred to stay in, but democratically, the country has spoken. The racist stuff that’s come out in the past few weeks has also been quite concerning. If it all goes horribly, horribly wrong, I’ll be emigrating to another country as quickly as I can.

Should Scotland go for independence again?
That’s down to the Scottish people to decide. The politicians should go to Scotland and say, ‘Do you want to leave?’ and if they do, well, that’s democracy. Everyone should have their say. It would be a shame if Scotland left, but the decision is theirs.

Gun to your head, who do you want to win the Tory leadership race and become our next Prime Minister?
I’m a Labour supporter, so for me it comes down to a choice between a homophobe and a human rights violator – take your pick! If you put a gun to my head… I don’t know. Either way, you’ve got someone coming from a horrible background. Leadership-wise, Theresa May seems to have done an alright job at the Home Office, so probably her. I really haven’t heard of Angela Leadsome before the past few days. Maybe that’s me being ignorant, but I’ve got no idea who she is. At least May has some kind of track record.