Take NME’s Ultimate ‘The Simpsons’ Quiz

No small amount of excitement greeted the news this weekend that The Simpsons creator Matt Groening is reportedly negotiating a contract with Netflix for a new, unnamed animated show for the on-demand service.

With The Simpsons, Groening arguably gave the world not just the greatest animated show of all time, but the greatest sitcom of all time full stop. The three-fingered family and their enormous supporting cast have given us almost three decades of satire, stupidity and special guests – including Michael Jackson, U2 and every (then-) surviving member of The Beatles.

Currently in it’s 27th season, the show will have clocked up 596 episodes by May. You don’t need to have seen every one of them to nail our tough-as-Groundskeeper Willie quiz, but it would help.

These 20 questions are designed to separate the Martin Princes from the Ralph Wiggums, the Barts from the Lisas. Think you’ve got what it takes? Click below to test your mettle.