Take That, ‘Love Love Love’ – Track Review

After the Adele-like megasuccess of ‘Progress’, we got quite excited when earlier this week Take That premiered a snippet of their new single ‘Love Love Love’ online. And a few days ago they performed the whole thing at the opening of National Movie Awards.

(Christine Bleakley is not part of the song, even the ‘single mix’, FYI).

So did it live up to expectations?

Take That

Good Things About ‘Love Love Love’

1) They revisit the glam stomp that they perfected so well on ‘Kidz’ and ‘Underground Machine’. Which means they haven’t gone back to the mum-pleasing, ‘winter cardigan’ sound of ‘Greatest Day’ and ‘Patience’ (this is a Good Thing).

2) They continue to sing in the scary dystopian, robo-voice that they did on about half of ‘Progress’. The song’s taken from the scary, dystopian X Men: First Class, so quite appropriate really.

3) ”We don’t have too much time here” they sing at one point. Do you think they all gave Robbie knowing winks in the recording studio during this bit?

Bad Things About ‘Love Love Love’

1) Ok, we know it’s ‘just a song off a soundtrack’, but it’s not quite the musical leap forward that ‘Progress’ was . We aren’t asking for that much, perhaps they could have dusted off a few more squelchy sounds out of the keyboard cupboard?

All in all, it’s a solid comeback from the quintet. Unlikely to scare the neighbours and just left of centre enough to keep the ‘Progress’ fans happy.

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