How Tame Impala Stepped Up To Playing Arenas

At the weekend, Australian psych-rockers Tame Impala played two gigantic shows at London’s Alexandra Palace to a cumulative 20,000 punters to round out their brief UK tour.

Having already played Manchester Arena, this was the chance for Kevin Parker and his band to prove themselves worthy – if somewhat unlikely – arena rockers – and did they ever seize that chance. Aided by kaleidoscopic visuals that were the perfect accompaniment to their shimmering keyboards and crunching guitars, Tame Impala conquered the historic venue with an earth-shattering live show.

The gigs were the hottest tickets in town – even other bands were trying to blag entrance into the sold-out shows.

Packed full of lasers, trippy projections and a whole bunch of confetti, Tame Impala packed highlights from their entire discography in a blistering hour and a half set. Eight-minute disco banger ‘Let It Happen’ kicked off the show to a rapturous response from the Saturday night crowd – partly due to the unexpected confetti explosion mid-song. Have you ever seen a confetti cannon go off on the opening song? Nope, us either, but it was bloody great.

They then played three older songs, ‘Mind Mischief’, ‘Why Won’t They Talk To Me?’ and ‘It Is Not Meant To Be’, all of which were packed with wobbly, pastel-coloured visuals, beamed to a white screen behind the band. Parker later riled up the crowd by teasing the crowd that “last night [Friday] went pretty crazy to this one…” before launching to the glam-rock stomper ‘Elephant’. The challenge was, of course, accepted and resulted in the capacity crowd pogo-ing in unison.

The most euphoric moments of the main set were reserved for cuts from 2015’s ‘Currents’, with the Bee Gees-tinged ‘The Less I Know The Better’ and the hypnotic ‘Eventually’ both prompting mass sing-a-longs that would continue to soar after the gig, as the crowd queued for various tube stations.

The sprawling ‘Apocalypse Dreams’ rounded out the main set, as the band returned for ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’ with Parker, once a withdrawn and timid frontman, now confidently orchestrating the crowd to a triumphant finale, which closed with the confessional ‘New Person, Same Old Mistakes’, providing as a bombastic swan-song amidst another flurry of multi-coloured confetti.

Social media went crazy for the gigs after.

All hail King Kevin. Find me a better band in the world right now and I’ll shave my head, and my cat. #tameimpala

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