Tanlines Featuring Luke Jenner, Koudlam, The Morning Benders – Free MP3 Downloads

Miss The Rapture? Need something warm and synthy to keep out the subarctic cold? Allow us to present Tanlines, featuring Luke Jenner, and a cute little electro nugget about carpe diem and all that, ‘O Seizing The Day O’.


Tanlines feat Luke Jenner – ‘O Seizing The Day O’
Download here

The track is taken from the pop duo’s compilation album, ‘Volume On’, which is released 6th December 2010 and collects all their early EPs alongside remixes from Memory Tapes among others.

Next, a first for the Daily Download – panpipes. They come courtesy of Koudlam, a French pop professor that might look like the surgeon from Del Monte in a Lego hat but actually has quite a way with a tune. His new single, ‘See You All’, sounds like King Caleb gone disco and is out Luv Luv Luv Records in January. We’ve got b-side ‘Tonight’, a slower and more panpipe moods track, which it turns out is a good thing.


Koudlam – ‘Tonight’
Download here

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