#FuckTattooFixers: These Tattoo Artists Aren’t Happy With The Channel 4 Show

When we do something embarrassing, we tend to banish the memory to the darkest corner of our subconscious as a method of ridding ourselves of the horrible moment. But when your embarrassing moment is the result of your mate tattooing a gigantic penis on your leg, well, it can be a bit more difficult to hide that.

That’s where E4’s Tattoo Fixers comes in. The weekly show, now in its second series, features three professional tattoo artists meeting a string of clients with deeply regrettable tattoos. The artists then subsequently cover up said tattoo for the client and everyone goes home happy. Right?

Not quite – in fact the show finds itself amid a storm of controversy. Several of the clients have lately revealed that they’re not happy with their tattoos or the show’s process, as seen in Daniel Heads viral post above. On Facebook he claimed that the converted mechanics garage the show is filmed in is ‘absolutely f**king freezing’ and that he was made to wait several hours to begin – despite being violently ill.

Most people think being on TV would be amazing and a brilliant opportunity. Sometimes it is. I’ve enjoyed some of the TV…

Posted by Daniel Head on Friday, 11 March 2016

One has even come out to say that the cover-up they were given has ruined his life. It’s not just the clients that are upset with the sometimes-slightly-dodgy work on the show though; tattoo artists across the country have berated the show for showcasing unprofessional work and for damaging their reputation as a whole.

Even Harry Styles’ tattoo artist has slammed the show, claiming that Tattoo Fixers ‘has knocked the industry back 10 years’ in an interview with The Mirror. He’s not the only artist to be enraged though, #FuckTattooFixers has now become the official hashtag for artists to berate the show for a variety of mistakes.

One noted how one of the designers – Sketch – has plagiarised designs.

Several artists are still enraged and have created their own T-Shirts to discourage viewers from watching the show.

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That hasn’t stopped several on Twitter being encouraged to get a tattoo, though.

Some who have participated in the show are gushing with praise however and are very happy with their designs. Jules Clarkson from Mansfield said she loved her fix job from the show and another was dead happy when her tattoo of Keith Lemon was transformed into a Native American design.

Sketch, an artists on the show, has since responded to the allegations by sharing posts of support from fans on Twitter and Instagram, as well as sharing an article from the Daily Mail claiming Danny Head is a ‘liar’.


But we doubt anyone will get this one though…

Pretty sure this is called a ‘sketch’… Prints maybe? Hahaha #fucktattoofixers

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