Taylor Swift And Her Squad Had The Best Time At Coachella And She Wants You To Know About It

Hands up if you have a friend you never hear from unless their DJ or musician boyfriend or girlfriend has a gig coming up and they want to rope you in? Like: “Oh, hey, it’s been ages, wondered if you wanted to meet up? Great! Yeah, I’ve really missed you too. Jared’s doing a minimal house set in a shit pub this Friday and it’s seven quid on the door.”

Yes, I see a lot of raised of hands out there. Rest assured: we’re all in this together. We all have these friends. It doesn’t make us love them any less, it’s just that Jared’s a douchebag and literally no-one likes minimal house.

And it turns out that what we always suspected is true: being famous is like living in a parallel universe where everything is sort of the same – only better. Case in point: Taylor Swift dragged some of her pals to her DJ boyfriend’s gig this weekend. Except, you know, her boyfriend is Scottish super-stud Calvin Harris and the gig was Coachella, the coolest festival in the whole of California, and therefore the world. Also Rihanna popped by to perform their collaborative track ‘We Found Love’ with him.

Tay shared her moment of pride with the world via Twitter.


This roll call of best buds who are slightly better than our best buds – the kind of group referred to in certain corners of the internet as a ‘squad’ – includes Haim, Lorde, Empire star Serayah McNeill, model Martha Hunt and YouTube sensation Todrick Hall. In this parallel universe, getting dragged to your mate’s boyf’s DJ is the most fun ever.

In fact, Taylor spent a whole lotta time making it clear how great a time she was having – even Jack Antonoff of Fun. and being Lena Dunham’s boyfriend fame swung by to hang at the pool with Tay and Lorde.

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Should well just started enjoying amazing life experiences, rather than documenting them in minute detail via social media? Is Taylor Swift being unbearably smug or providing valuable #content for fans? Is Jared still an intolerable douchebag? Difficult to say, but one thing is clear: being Tay is really, really good, except when she’s doing lame Apple adverts.

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