Taylor Swift explained to us the story and misconceptions of ‘Blank Space’

You’ve heard it everywhere – but how much do you know about the meaning of Taylor Swift’s pop anthem ‘Blank Space’? The ‘1989’ single is one of the megastar’s biggest singles yet – which is seriously saying something – and hits back at a magazine and TV industry she says “thought I was dating too much” when she penned the hit. “Every few years the media finds something that they unanimously feel is annoying about me. Me, my character, the way I live my life, the way I talk, the way I react when I win stuff. There’s always a unanimous verdict of like, ‘that’s annoying about her.'”

Instead of moping about the portrait being painted of her, Taylor’s vengeance came in the form of this unspeakably infectious pop parody, mocking her detractors over bubblegum hooks. “It’s so opposite my actual life,” she tells NME in our exclusive video interview. “Half the people got the joke, half the people really think that I was like really owning the fact that I’m a psychopath… I have no complaints to how things out.” We bet, Taylor. Check out the video below, including an amusing anecdote about a lyric people commonly mishear and think is an ad for a coffee chain, and read our recent cover feature with the star here.