Taylor Swift’s new album is the week’s most meme-able thing

'Reputation' is the hottest album of 2002

And lo, it was decreed that whenever Taylor Swift should do/announce/reveal a thing, a thousand memes would be born.

Last week was no exception. After a mega-dump of new album details, a new single and a reference-laden music video, the good people of Twitter went into overdrive trying to compose the wittiest reactions. A lot of people took particular interest in the album artwork, which is thought to be referencing Kanye West’s ‘The Life of Pablo’ graphics.

But looking past just the Kanye comparisons, the ‘Reputation’ graphics have been slated by some as… perhaps a bit basic.

And thus a Twitter meme-storm was born. Here’s a sprinkling of the best.

Meanwhile people have realised you can put literally anybody on the album cover instead of Taylor…

Maybe the expanded deluxe version will have more details unveiling the artwork’s cryptic messages. Roll on November 10!