Is Taylor Swift revealing her album tracklist through Instagram?

Look what you made her do

It’s now less than three weeks until Taylor Swift releases sixth album ‘Reputation’. The record is within arm’s reach, and fan theories about the release are in over drive. Could each track on the album relate to a different era of Taylor Swift’s life? Who are each of the songs about? And most recently, is Taylor using social media to reveal key details about the record?

In mid-August we saw her delete everything from her social media accounts, only to start teasing her return. Since then, everything that’s appeared on her Instagram has been meticulously planned.  Each video teases just enough to get everyone talking, each post drops a new nugget of information about ‘Reputation’.

But while fans revelled in new updates from Taylor, they started to notice something. Those teaser videos weren’t the biggest secret; she seemed to be hiding more details about the record in plain view. For example, remember when she posted clips promoting ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, and all we saw was the new video? She was also lowkey promoting the next track, ‘Ready For It’, in the caption:


So when she posted videos in the build up to ‘Gorgeous’, fans immediately assumed she was teasing that the next song would be called ‘A Second Glance’.

But we’ve learnt by now that nothing Taylor does is quite so simple, and this was merely a red herring: as the next track from ‘Reputation’ was later revealed to be ‘Gorgeous’.


However eagle-eyed Tay fans realised maybe she’d revealed her next move in a more subtle style. Lately, the star has been lurking on her fans social accounts and posting comments, so what if, as one Tumblr user alluded, when she posted “you look GORGEOUS” on their Instagram live it was a direct reference?

And does this mean we still have a track called ‘A Second Glance’ to look forward to? All will be revealed in a suitably niche way in the coming weeks.