Teenage Rampage – Behind The Scenes At Club NME KOKO’s Under-18 Night

Dan Black, Mpho and hundreds of under-18s took over KOKO on Saturday for the first ever Club NME U18 night. We snuck in Elizabeth Sankey – who’s a little bit past her teens – to report…

“Having never been to an underage gig, either as a sweaty teenager in flared denim, or a bewildered adult who was clearly lost, I was unsure what to expect from Saturday’s afternoon at Koko. The September sunshine hadn’t dissuaded teens from queuing round the block, and luckily the acts didn’t disappoint. While Dan Black was a glittery ball of energy, MPHO led an inspired singalong, asking the crowd: “Who’s done their GCSE’s? Good, we need to spell out ‘smile’ now”. The afternoon put the average “adults” gig to shame, mainly because of the audience – an excitable bunch who pressed up against the barriers with quizzical looks and head-bobbing enthusiasm.”

Watch the night in all its glory including interviews with Dan Black, Mpho and the crowd right here:

Dan Black does his thing:

Mpho onstage and signing autographs:

And some of the crowd: