Tennis – ‘Tears In The Typing Pool’ (Broadcast Cover) – Free MP3

Just in the time for the holidays, Tennis have returned with a festive new promo shot (see below), as well as a brand new song which you can hear now, exclusively on

Unfortunately, it’s not an Xmas song, but a cover of Broadcast’s ‘Tears In The Typing Pool’, which is equally exciting. Check it out after the jump…

The band’s Patrick Riley told us this about the cover:

Broadcast have been a huge influence in our band from day one. Bassist James Cargill and drummer Steve Perkins create, in my mind, an infinity of space that very few bands can claim. The arrangement of tones and instruments put Trish Keenan’s voice just where it needs to be. Hopefully this homage of ours makes sense as Keenan will be sorely missed.

Tennis will be releasing their next record ‘Young and Old’ on February 13th, and they’ll be playing an album release show that night at London’s Hoxton Bar And Kitchen.