Terror Danjah Explains ‘Zumpi Hunting’ To An Idiot

‘Zumpi Huntah’ is my favourite track on ‘Zip Files Volume 1’, an awesome collection of instrumentals from grime hero Terror Danjah, where smooth, Zapp-style g-funk rubs up against brash bashment bass.

Terror Danjah

In my infinite naivety I asked Danjah, what are these zumpis and why are you hunting them? “Erm, where do I start,” he laughed. “To put it a nice way, zumpi means, basically, a girl. So the whole reason I made ‘Zumpi Huntah’ is because if you’re in a rave and you see a female, the soft part of the tune you be all sweet, then when it gets to the hard part you jus’ wind her down, if you know what I mean.” Ah.

You can download ‘Zumpi Huntah’ here.

Look out for Danjah’s next album ‘Hardrive Vol 2’, which features the cream of the grime world. He’s also executive producing the debut album from Mz Bratt, ‘Time Of The Month’.

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