How out of touch are your parents? Find out with our quite-easy after-Christmas-dinner music quiz

Were they listening in 2017?

Christmas is almost here. The tree’s been decorated, the halls are decked and the diet of mulled wine and mince pies has begun. And what’s Christmas without a bit of friendly competition? We’re not talking the full-blown, week long games of Monopoly (leave the nuclear level arguments until after Christmas dinner) – but what better to entertain yourselves over your turkey than a good, old-fashioned pan-generational quiz? The answer is this: a quiz that allows you to point at your parents and laugh at them for how culturally out of touch they’ve become.

See how much your old folks know about the last 12 months in music with this quiz (answers below)…

  1. Ed Sheeran’s previous albums are ‘+’ and ‘X’. What mathematical symbol did he choose for his 2017 release?
  2. Liam Gallagher’s album is titled ‘As You Were’, but where did he popularise that catchphrase?
  3. Taylor Swift returned with the comeback single ‘Look What You Made Me Do’. In it, why couldn’t the old Taylor come to the phone?
  4. Which iconic pop power couple gave birth to twins Rumi and Sir?
  5. After appearing in Radio 1Xtra’s Fire in the Booth, Big Shaq had one of 2017’s biggest viral hits: ‘Man’s Not ___’. Fill in the blank.
  6. In which artist’s hit ‘New Rules’ did they preach that you shouldn’t “pick up the phone” or “let him in”?
  7. Which New Zealand artist returned with her second album, Melodrama, in 2017?
  8. Which 1991 earned Right Said Fred a co-credit on a Taylor Swift track?
  9. ‘Human’, ‘Skin’ and ‘Grace (We All Try)’ all feature on a British singer’s debut album, ‘Human’, which came out in February. Who is it by?
  10. What colour was Cardi B’s ‘Bodak…’?
  11. How did Luis Fonsi get famous this year?
  12. What does Stormzy’s ‘GSAP’ stand for? ‘Gang Signs And Prayer’ or ‘Gym Socks And Perpiration’?
  13. Which former member of One Direction starred in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk this year?
  14. Which of these bands didn’t get back together: The KLF, The Streets, Led Zeppelin?
  15. At Ariana Grande’s One Love Manchester concert, Liam Gallagher duetted with which musician he’d once compared to a geography teacher?
  16. This year’s Glastonbury headliners were Foo Fighters, Radiohead and who? 
  17. Complete this iconic 2017 hashtag with the correct musical genre: #___4Corbyn
  18. Is Marilyn Manson a man or a woman?
  19. Which album sold more in the UK this year, Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Damn.’ or Harry Styles’ ‘Harry Styles’?
  20. Who or what is a Lil Uzi Vert?



  1. ÷
  2. On Twitter
  3. Because she’s dead
  4. Beyonce and Jay-Z
  5. Big Shaq
  6. Dua Lipa
  7. Lorde
  8. ‘I’m Too Sexy’
  9. Rag’n’Bone Man
  10. Yellow
  11. For collaborating with Justin Bieber on ‘Despacito’
  12. Gang Signs And Prayer
  13. Harry Styles
  14. Led Zeppelin
  15. Chris Martin
  16. Ed Sheeran
  17. Grime
  18. Man
  19. Kendrick Lamar
  20. An American hip hop artists