That ‘New’ Michael Jackson Track? It’s 26 Years Old

This has already been blogged about overnight – first by TMZ, then What Would Tyler Durden Do and Idolator – but it’s worth mentioning as a postscript to yesterday’s review of Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’, supposedly a ‘new song’ but actually nothing of the sort.

Turns out Jackson co-wrote it back in 1983 with former teen heartthrob Paul Anka. And now Anka’s peeved because he’s not been credited, and is threatening to sue. Here’s the track, as recorded by 80s R&B also-ran Sa-Fire:

And here’s the original.

Does it matter? Not really. But it proves that ‘This Is It’ is not as big a deal as Sony are making out. It’s evidently an unwanted, post-‘Thriller’ studio offcut, even older and more obscure than initial reports suggested.