The 10 Most Anticipated Albums Of 2012

There’s all kind of albums in the works right now. So many, that the mag this week has the rundown on 101 albums in the making, from The Killers to Klaxons, Coxon, The Cribs and The Courteeners. And that’s just the ones beginning with curly and kicking k’s.

Let’s have a look at ten of the biggest shall we?

Biffy Clyro’s “fuck-off rock record”
There’s whisperings, from Simon Neil in this week’s mag, that the sixth Biffy opus could be a double album, a concept album, the record that shunts them stratosphere bound. With 30 demos set to get the studio treatment in the coming months, we’ll have to wait and see, and pray there’s nothing that tickles Cowell’s undercarriage yet again.
Due: Spring / Summer
Expect to hear: Guitars turned to ‘destroy’ and more choruses than a month of Wembleys. Oh, and a song about Kinder eggs.
Don’t expect to hear: Anything that sounds like it would fit on ‘The Vertigo Of Bliss’.
Potential tracks: ‘City Of Dreadful Nights’, ‘Opposites’, ‘The Joke’s On Us’

Crystal Castles’ “bleak” third effort

The pair give a hilarious interview in the mag this week, chinwagging about everything from Alan Carr to CBB, the weather, and how fruit pips get stuck in your teeth… OK, so that’s not true. The moody duo did, however, let a few things slip, most importantly that there’s “elements from the second record” in this third outing.
Due: Summer
Expect to hear: Digi bleeps and futuristic heartbreak.
Don’t expect to hear: Their long lost cover of ‘Agadoo’.
Potential tracks: TBC

Lana Del Rey’s massively-hyped debut

You know the drill. Two weeks to wait.
Expect to hear: More moody instrumentation and nostalgia pop.
Don’t expect to hear: Bongos.
Confirmed tracks: All the hits. The full tracklisting is out, and includes ‘Video Games’ and ‘Born To Die’ (obvs) plus ‘Blue Jeans’, the leaked ‘National Anthem’ and seven others.
Skrillex’s high ‘Voltage’

Love him or want to run him through a meat grinder, Skrillex is here to stay, and his brand of headfuck dubstep will be soundtracking video game commercials and teenage strops for months to come.
Due: This year, when he’s ready.
Expect to hear: Sub-woofers crying for mercy from Croydon to Cornwall.
Don’t expect to hear: Reviewers praising his unusual use of dynamics.
Potential tracks: Good question.

Mumford & Sons’ doom folk digression

Well, that’s what they tell us. Black Sabbath-meets-Nick Drake, apparently, although we suspect their epic US railroad journey will have had some impact on the sound of the new record. It certainly waylaid them enough from actually getting anything down.
Due: Autumn
Expect to hear: More finger-pluckin’ goodness.
Don’t expect to hear: A mash-up of Cathedral and Caravan covers.
Potential tracks: No idea at present.

The third coming of The Stone Roses

While nothing has leaked whatsoever from the Roses camp, insiders say several tracks are finished and actually recorded, and Ian’s referred to “psychedelic pop” tunes that would suggest material closer in DNA to their debut than ‘The Second Coming’.

Due: Autumn
Expect to hear: Retro-leaning psych with a soft nostalgic centre.
Don’t expect to hear: Collaborations with Nicki, Azealia, or Magnetic Man.
Potential tracks: Who the fuck knows?

The xx’s postcard from sophomore city

Hunkered in their bunker and letting little slip, The xx are using their blog to drip feed clues as to the follow-up to their Mercury-winning debut. We’ve listed all the hints in the mag, but both Shola Ama and 2:54 have cropped up.
Due: Summer
Expect to hear: More moody atmospherics and low-key paranoia
Don’t expect to hear: Kazoos and penny whistles.
Potential tracks: ‘Open Eyes’

Noel Gallagher’s funk odyssey

Yeah-huh, you read that right. “Some of it’s krautrock, some of it’s funk – and that’s just the first song” Noel insists in this week’s new bands issue of his Amorphous Androgynous collaboration. Already delayed, this intriguing prospect has been likened by the man himself to ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ and Hawkwind.

Due: This year, honest
Expect to hear: ‘Space Ritual’ goes to Manchester.
Don’t expect to hear: Noel encouraging us to “get down on it”.
Potential tracks: Ten original tracks and four AA-reworked ‘High Flying Birds’ tunes, including ‘If I Had A Gun’.

And possibly music like this:

Two Door Cinema Club’s excursion into hip-hop

“It’s not like anything we’ve heard before”, Two Door tell us in their double page spread this week. And we’ve heard that before. But if their diet of Drake, Kanye and Jay-Z has seeped in good and proper during their Scottish album sessions, the bass and drums may be as hip-hop as they insist…

Due: Summer
Expect to hear: Guitar jangle joy. They’re not completely disowning their background, and have been enjoying The Beatles too.
Don’t expect to hear: Alex Trimble spitting bile about his Glaswegian manor.
Potential tracks: You’ll have to hit up their shows to find out.

Plan B’s return to rap

Remember when he looked like this? The besuited soul crooner is going back to his hip-hop roots this year (along with a million other films and side projects) and continuing his tales with ‘The Ballad Of Belmarsh’. What we’ve heard sounds brutal.

Due: May, ish.
Expect to hear: Ben Drew telling it like it is yeah.
Don’t expect to hear: Your nan asking for a copy of this one.
Potential tracks: ‘My Manor Is Ill’, a song not yet released to the world but which sounds Number One Guaranteed at record label playbacks.

As we may have mentioned, this week’s mag features the lowdown on all the current studio albums in progress. Get more details, subscription offers, and digital issues available depending on your preference.

Which albums are you most psyched about this year?