The 10 most ‘fuck you’ lyrics on Kesha’s new album ‘Rainbow’

She's a motherfucking woman, alright

Kesha‘s much-delayed third album, ‘Rainbow’, is a triumph. It’s the first album she’s released since 2012’s ‘Warrior’, due to a bitter and long-running legal dispute between the singer and her producer Dr. Luke, whom she accused of “mental manipulation, emotional abuse and sexual assault”. As Kesha signed to his label, she was unable to release new music, though she remained active, doing endless badass things during that time period – she performed live, became an ordained minister who specialised in officiating same-sex marriages and even taught Jerry Seinfeld how to hug.

Anyway, we now have ‘Rainbow’, which sees the songwriter explore her country music roots (remember her fabulous 2013 single ‘Timber’?) more fully. It opens with the wistful acoustic guitar ballad ‘Bastards’, boasts two raucous rock’n’roll songs that feature Eagles of Death Metal and a guest vocal form none other than Dolly Parton (on ‘Old Flames Can’t Hold A Candle To You’, which was written by Kesha’s mum Pebe Sebert and which Dolly had a hit with back in 1980). The record implicitly addresses the court case across its 14 tracks. Kesha has said of the writing and recording process: “I would pour my fucking guts out [in the studio]… that is how I made it through the past four years. That, and with the support of my fans… The shitstorm’s over. This is the beginning of the good stuff.”

And you know what? ‘Rainbow’ is chockablock with fantastic, ‘fuck you’ lyrics, lines that will inspire you to shake off the haters and believe in yourself. Yes, they could be read as being specific to Kesha’s unique – and extremely tough – circumstances, but they’re also universally defiant. Once you hear these words, you’ll breathe in hardship and breathe out pure fucking fire, brimstone and raw force of personality. You’ll draw power from these lyrics – and indeed from Kesha herself. Here, then, are the 10 most fuck you lyrics from Kesha’s third album ‘Rainbow’.