The 16 Worst Haircuts In Music

With the news that that fringe-y emo haircuts can be potentially damaging to your health we decided to take a look at other music haircuts that could be fatal. Fatal to your sense of style that is…


16Newton Faulkner
It’s so charitable, don’t you think, that this figure of acousto-pop hate would give us an abundance of things to LOL about as we gaze upon his head?

15Vanilla Ice
In a postmodern frame of mind, with his hairdo the former Robert Van Winkle made the visual link between “Vanilla Ice” and “a 99 cone”.

14Josh Hayward
This massive barnet was a brilliant cross between two dead crows and Emily The Strange.

13Barbra Streisand


Babs fell for the late 70s trap of thinking that allowing a poodle to rest on your head is a good look.

12Weird Al Yankovic
Speaking of poodle do’s… perhaps his barnet was deliberately awful due to the hi-lar-ious nature of Weird Al’s schtik. Even so, his curly waves sucked.

11Susan Boyle
Before she started doing covers of ‘Enjoy The Silence’, Su-Bo’s hair screeched somewhere between ‘an unkempt hedge’ and ‘some sort of medieval cleaning implement’.

10Tom Jones
In its natural, greying form, Sir Tom’s loo-brush barnet resembles an old scouring cloth that lives forgotten about, somewhere beside the sink.

9Hazell Dean


A rather disastrous bleached barnet which resembled a swimming cap, with its strands highlighted with meticulous accuracy.

8David Coverdale
Not so much a haircut but a mane. A mane that had got increasingly insane in the process of blow-drying.

7Adam Duritz, Counting Crows


A bit like a candy apple that had been left out too long and has begun sprouting tentacles.

6Rod Stewart
The kind of increasingly ridiculous do that suggests a placing on that men who look like lesbians website.

5Bill Kaulitz, Tokio Hotel

A bizarre emo explosion. The inside of which is built around a tiny scaffolding cemented onto the crown of Bill’s skull.

4Keith Flint
Keith Flint went from “the bad man who scared children in the ‘Firestarter’ video,” to “the insane haircut owner that could take someone’s eye out with some dangerously sharpened follicles.”

3Andrew Stockdale
Wolfmother went the whole hog with their 70s rock revivalism via this unironic afro which suggested a style sense had taken a left turn to a street labeled ‘1972’.

2Mel C
It fit perhaps Mel’s “new rocky image” but her gamine hair suggested that little tyke down the sweet shop who was a massive kleptomaniac.

1Phil Spector


And finally… the ultimate. A riotous explosive of curls that suggested he was still keeping poor old Ronnie Spector captive in his unrelenting ‘do.