The 1975 Embrace The Hate In Their Critic-Trolling New Video For ‘The Sound’

Do you hate uber-successful Manchester four-piece The 1975 with a passion? Does it make you angry that their INXS-tastic second album is out today (February 26)? Do you find it irritating that its title, ‘I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It’ takes up 71 whole characters if you tweet it? Well, you should probably get over yourself right now – literally right now – because no one cares. The 1975, especially, could really not care less.

That’s what you’ll notice if you watch their critic-trolling new video for ‘The Sound’. Frontman Matty Healy and co are in a pink neon-lit box as their opponents come at them slinging mud about their first album. Words flash up on pink screens: “Is this a joke? Do people really still make music like this? They’re essentially making robotic Huey Lewis tunes. There’s no danger in this music at all… I only heard ‘Chocolate’ once, but I hated it”.

As the box they’re in fogs up, they’re suddenly transported away to a position of second-album perspective. Here they see their detractors have walled themselves inside the foggy box they made for The 1975 and their debut. ‘We don’t give a shit’, the band seems to say. ‘The only person you’re winding up is yourself’. Good on them.


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