You know you’re a The 1975 fan when…

Die-hards, we salute you

There are few bands with fans as loyal as The 1975‘s fans. Whether they’re screaming themselves hoarse in arenas across the world or queuing up all night in the freezing cold to get into a pop-up shop, you’d be hard pressed to beat them on the dedication front. If you’re one of those die-hards, you’ll probably be familiar with all of these thoughts and actions…

You see a rectangle and immediately think of the boys

The shape will forever be linked to your favourite band since its featured so prominently on their album artwork and in their live shows.

Allen Ginsberg is Matty’s dog first, acclaimed writer second

Allen Ginsberg the dog is also a lot cuter, although perhaps not as good at writing beat poetry…

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You’ve perfected all of the dance moves in the ‘Love Me’ video

You’re probably responsible for at least half of the video’s views on Youtube because you’re so dedicated to getting the routine down. Sometimes you’ve danced along in leather trousers and electric blue eyeshadow, sometimes not.

And you’ve collected all the releases on Dirty Hit

From those The 1975 have been involved in, like The Japanese House, to those they’ve merely shared a label with, like Benjamin Francis Leftwich and QTY. You’ve got tickets to the Dirty Hit tour and you’re always keeping tabs on what’s coming up for the label.

You adapted your wardrobe to fit the band’s aesthetic on each album

First, you went monochrome and then slowly injected some pastel pink when ‘I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It‘ came out.

You can reel off all their old band names without having to stop and think


If anyone tests you, they often end up wishing they hadn’t got you started – with the old monikers comes a list of dates, facts and song names that most other people don’t have the mental capacity to comprehend.

You’ve got your love for them inked on your skin forever

Whether it’s your favourite song lyric, that rectangle or their autographs, you’ve made a permanent allegiance to the band. You know you’ll never regret it because they mean that much to you.

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You’re as excited about their first festival headline set as Matty is

The typewritten post he shared on Twitter repeatedly stating “The 1975 are headlining Latitude” mirrored the excitement you felt when you saw the announcement. Then you read it a bit closer and got all of the snarky jokes made in between the news.

You can pinpoint every change in their live visuals, no matter how small

Whenever they’ve altered the production of the live show on this second record, you’ve noticed. Pink replacing turquoise? The introduction of the rotating mirrors? You’ve not only noticed it, but saved it all to memory. That’s because you’ve been to as many of the gigs as you physically can and spent hours studying live footage on Youtube and Instagram.

You’ve read Guy Debord’s The Society Of The Spectacle

All because Matty references him in ‘Loving Someone’: “Even Guy Debord needed spectacles“.

You’re eagerly awaiting that Matty and Skepta collaboration

You have no doubt that it’ll be one of the best things to happen to music in 2017.

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