The 1975’s Matt Healy Quotes Kanye Tweets In Bizarre Twitter Spat With Reverend & The Makers

Drake vs. Meek Mill, The Black Keys vs. The White Stripes, James Bay vs. Lilly Allen. All great, if slightly embarrassing, music beefs. It’s time to add another to that list – Reverend & The Makers vs. The 1975. We were treated to a pretty fantastic (and often baffling) Twitter spat between Reverend & The Makers’ Jon ‘The Rev’ McClure and The 1975’s Matt Healy over the weekend. And it all began with one tweet…


Rev’s fans seemed to back his tweet.


With 1975 fans invading his mentions – Rev issued a followup to those who said ‘who?’

Then Matt Healy arrived, taking inspiration from one of Kanye West’s many Twitter rants and was in a trolling mood…

Then Healy threw his parting shot…

The Rev stood by his word though (and revealed he doesn’t know the difference between ‘then’ and ‘than’).

As of Monday morning – it appears the confrontation seems to be rumbling on, with the Rev still wading through a bucket full of Twitter abuse. Ultimately, it’s hard to tell if anyone came out on top in this though – like when two boxers both land a knockout blow to each other and promptly end up on a heap on the ground. It gave us all a laugh though.

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