The After-Party: Joel Mcloughlin (Gallucks)

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It’s not just the party people care about, it’s the after-party. Joel Mcloughlin, fashion and lifestyle blogger, talks about his own after-party and how it would inspire his hair and style.

My Style

Some might say ‘Hypebeast’ or ‘Jerryboy’ but I guess my look could be seen as quite ‘LA’. I’m definitely into fashion-forward streetwear brands such as Uniqlo and I’m obsessed with sneakers. My hair is quite the opposite to my dress sense and looks like something from Japanese anime or manga – it’s full of volume, texture and is coloured silvery/grey at the moment.

joel gallucks

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Hair Hack

“Joel loves to have lots of volume in his hair, that’s why I would recommend the VO5 Matt Rework Paste to create a volumised, manga-inspired look. It gives a natural finish while keeping hair in place – it’s the ultimate product to recreate Joel’s signature look.”

Paul Donovan

VO5 Hair Ambassador

The Venue

I would host my after-party at a rooftop bar here in London, somewhere like Netil House or Frank’s Café – understated and cool, with incredible views of the city at night. Besides, who doesn’t love a good rooftop party?!

The DJ

I’m not sure if he even counts as a DJ, but I’ll say DJ Khaled so we can all learn from his wisdom and be #blessed.

The Dancefloor song

Chance The Rapper, ‘All Night’ Ft. Knox Fortune – a sure-fire way to get everyone on their feet and dancing all night.

The Performer

Since we already have DJ Khaled, I’m going to have to add some Justin Bieber to the mix, so they can perform ‘The One’.

Guest Of Honour

My dream guest of honour would be Kylie Jenner. She’d definitely bring the paps out, get everyone talking and get the party going.

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