The Antlers, ‘Burst Apart’ Full Album Stream

It was love at first sight for me and The Antlers.

It’s rare you come across a new song as heart-stoppingly beautiful as that, from any band. The rest of ‘Hospice’ (their third album, but the first to get wide recognition) was more of the same – a finely-tuned collection of chamber pop based around life, death and everything in between that cut straight into your innards.

The Antlers

Their new one, ‘Burst Apart’, might be even better. It’s a stop-you-in-your-tracks effort from the outset that calls to mind everything from the Buckleys to Soulsavers. The second half, meanwhile, is a languorous collection of tracks punctuated by the more upbeat ‘Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out’ whose lazy horns and mellow organ chords lull you into a dreamy trance. ‘Rolled Together’ in particular recalls some of Spiritualized’s mellow majesty.

The band are returning to the UK to showcase ‘Burst Apart’ in November. Long wait I know. What do you think of the album?