The Beatles, ‘Abbey Road’ – Sleeve Notes

The subject of endless pop culture references and mash-ups, few album covers can be as myth-soaked as The Beatles’ ‘Abbey Road’. This was where the ‘Paul is dead’ theories really gained momentum as the cover was pored over for hints and runes – and plenty were found. Everything from the number of trees to The Beatles’ garb appeared to ‘prove’ Macca had checked out on that fateful November morning in 1966.

Another image from the shoot was sold at auction in London today (22 May) for £16,000. The ‘backwards’ photo features The Beatles crossing the road in the other direction, and this time Paul McCartney – oh so significantly – is wearing sandals. To find out why this matters, and more bewildering facts about the cover, examine the image below, and hover over the tags to reveal the info.

abbey road