The best 2020 Grammys performances from Lil Nas X and BTS to Billie Eilish

The night was full of stellar turns from some of music's biggest stars

In between dishing out golden gramophone trophies, the Grammys is often a hotbed of iconic performances. This year was no different, with the likes of Billie Eilish and Rosalía marking themselves out as artists here for the long haul and a powerful comeback from Demi Lovato. Here are the best performances from the 2020 Grammys.

Lil Nas X featuring BTS, Nas, Mason Ramsey, Diplo, and Billy Ray Cyrus

We’re all for the success of an underdog but there was a point last year when the number of remixes Lil Nas X was putting out for ‘Old Town Road’ was getting a bit much. If we’d known at the time, though, it was all leading up to this explosively joyous Grammys performance then perhaps the thought of more would have sat better. The viral country-trap star called up all the people who helped out with the success of that Number One single and got them all to pitch in tonight. Diplo played the banjo, Mason Ramsey hollered “If you ain’t got no giddy up then giddy out my way” and Nas came out to dub them “Big Nas and Lil Nas”. Best of all, though, BTS got to perform at the Grammys for the first time. RM took the lead on his ‘Seoul Town Road’ verse, his homi(e)s helping out in the back.

Billie Eilish

While most see an awards show performance as an excuse to go all out, Billie Eilish knows you don’t always have to throw the kitchen sink at something to make it memorable. And so her debut Grammys performance was as simple as they come – just her, her brother Finneas and a piano. The results? One of the most emotional, haunting performances of ‘When The Party’s Over’ she’s given us so far.



How many other pop nominees at this year’s Grammys could go from an orchestra-backed ballad to a mini ballet to a flute solo? Not many, other than Lizzo. The star opened tonight’s ceremony with a short set that showed off her versatility and how many top tunes she has in her arsenal.


As you might expect from someone who has built a reputation as a fierce live performer, Rosalía’s rendition of ‘Malamente’ and new song ‘Juro Que’ were nothing short of compelling. Dressed in white fringe, the Spanish star honoured her flamenco roots with all the attitude of someone who knows they’re a boss.

Ariana Grande

Lizzo wasn’t the only one who was joined by classical players at tonight’s Grammys. Grande was backed up by strings of all kinds as she ran through a medley of ‘Thank U, Next’ tracks like ‘Imagine’, ‘7 Rings’, and the album’s title track itself. In between was a brief cover of ‘My Favourite Things’, which added a touch of elegance to the pop star’s performance.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato’s comeback performance was one that was full of bravery. She could have chosen to have her first time singing in public since a near-fatal overdose in 2018 somewhere a little less pressure-filled than the Grammys stage. She could have broken down when she had to restart the song a few seconds in. But instead, with tears rolling down her cheek, she gave an emotional and powerful performance of new song ‘Anyone’, which was reportedly written days before that overdose.

Tyler, The Creator

Surrounded by a ton of dancers dressed exactly like him – right down to that distinctive blonde wig – Tyler, The Creator literally set the Grammys stage ablaze tonight. Flames engulfed buildings either side of him as he delivered an intense and urgent performance of ‘IGOR’ tracks ‘Earfquake’ and ‘New Magic Wand’, his group of mini-mes scattering around the stage until the real Tyler was the only one left standing. That is, until his performance came to a close and he opted to leave the spotlight by not walking away but stiffening his body and falling backwards over a ledge and out of sight.

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