‘Someone Like EU’: The Best Musical Banners From The Pro-EU ‘March For Europe’

On Saturday (July 2), an estimated 30,000 protesters marched in London against the result of June’s Brexit referendum decision, which will see Britain withdraw from the EU. The ‘March For Europe’ saw pro-EU campaigners chant “We are the 48%” in reference to the percentage of voters that opted for Remain.

Many marchers crafted homemade signs with some bearing the slogan of ‘Bremain’ and ‘We Love EU’, but others were a little more, shall we say, creative. Social media was flooded with images of placards which married music and the desire to show Europe some love, mixing wordplay with the demonstrators’ defiant message. Here are the pick of the bunch.

There was a reference to Beyonce’s ‘Hold Up’

And to Chicago’s ‘If You Leave Me Now’

This Remainer showed love via the medium of The Wannadies

Others took heed from Adele, Whitney Houston, the Jackson 5 and Jay Z


Even Randy Newman’s Toy Story tune got a shout out

#marchforeurope amazing protest today

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A niche but effective point about the Spice Girls

Niche, but accurate #MarchforEurope (I’m there in sentiment if not body) Can’t we all just get along?

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Some were pretty obvious, but still ace

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Ultimately though, we all feel like this sign right now

Still my favourite sign of the weekend #marchforeurope

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