The Best New Music Of 2011 – Inside This Week’s NME

In this week’s NME

We’re beginning 2011 in style with our legendary New Music Issue, the essential guide to the 10 brightest and best bands to get on before anyone else this year. One of the big stories already developing is, The Welcome Return of British Guitar Bands, and as such we’ve got two different covers featuring the two leading lights of that: The Vaccines and Brother.

The Vaccines have already made a dent on the public consciousness, and here we speak to them about their desire to get a bit of fast guitar action back into the charts. Meanwhile, Brother seem intent on firstly, slagging everyone else in music off, and secondly, not just getting in the charts but having a Number One. Ten of them in fact. In America.

You’ll have to buy the issue to find out our other 8 tips for the year, but other delights in it include an A-Z of 2011, featuring the big trends, labels, instruments and genres that’ll be buzzing loudly.

We also have a special report on the new wave of bands who are willfully sticking to the shadows, speaking to no-one, rarely playing gigs, and generally shrouding themselves in mystery (yes, we’re looking at you Wu Lyf, stop hiding at the back there). Plus, jungle genius Shaun Ryder gives his 10 tips for what NOT to do if you’re a new band. Yes, Don’t Take Crack is one of them.

There’s also album reviews, live reviews, our new year gig guide and a special tribute to the sadly departed Captain Beefheart.

Start the new year with a bang – buy this issue, and dry hump it.

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