The best viral videos of 2017

The hottest videos on the internet this year

The internet: it’s still going strong. This year, while the rest of the world felt like a constant real life horror movie, some corners of the internet were safe havens of hilarious, brilliant, or just downright jaw-dropping blooper content.

BBC kids

Who can forget probably the most glorious interview of 2017 aka when Professor Robert Kelly’s children stormed his office mid-BBC interview about South Korean politics? His wife scrambled to remove the two scamps from the room, but the damage (or hilarity) was already done, and internet fame beckoned.

Man’s Not Hot

Grime’s premier comedy figure Big Shaq hit the big time on YouTube with his hilarious Fire In The Booth appearance. Since then, he’s come to the attention of Drake, and been referenced by Jeremy Corbyn. Not a bad year.

Spongebob Radiohead montage

Some internet genius mashed a load of Spongebob Squarepants clips together to describe every Radiohead album. And thus, we were gifted with ‘Amensiac’ being represented by Patrick telling Spongebob he needed to develop a taste for “free form jazz” and Mr Krabs playing a tiny violin for ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’. Internet gold.

Bradley Walsh x Stormzy

The unlikeliest of friendships was struck up at this year’s Brit Awards – The Chase presenter-turned-chart-topping singer Bradley Walsh and grime don Stormzy. Luckily, we caught the moment they met and, for some reason, a hell of a lot of people enjoyed watching it, and Walsh’s rambled promises of a “griddle” collaboration. Your guess is as good as ours.



Vengaboys take Cheltenham

When the Vengaboys re-released their 1999 Eurodance hit ‘Boom Boom Boom’ this summer, a group of cheeky Cheltenhamers devised a frankly ingenious tribute to everyone’s favourite Dutch novelties. With cars decked out with rooftop speakers, the group filmed themselves taking over a street in the Gloucestershire town, climbing on car bonnets, and just generally spreading the Vengaboys’ message very, very loud.

Mystery pianist

30-year-old Liverpudlian Christopher Scamp spent two hours playing piano outside a Manchester music shop. A video showing a small portion of that time spread around the internet like wildfire, thanks to Scamp’s impressive renditions of tunes by the likes of Alice DJ, Cascada, and Dr. Dre, amongst others. The man recording his display can be heard at one point exclaiming “This is going viral!” He wasn’t wrong.


It turned out to be fake, but that didn’t stop countless people watching this clip of Thom Yorke “singing” Daddy Yankee’s 2004 hit ‘Gasolina’. To be fair, it would have provided a nice little uplifting break from Radiohead’s usual melancholy, and surely that’s something we can all get behind.