The Big Pink – My Music

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A record by a hero…
Einsturzende Neubauten – Halber Mensch
Robbie: “It completely changed my life when I saw it. It comes with this video they shot on a tour in Japan. They shot this video in this incredible warehouse, where they did pretty much most of the songs off the album.”

A big influence…
Beastie Boys – Check Your Head
Robbie: “I guess it combined punk rock with beats and hip-hop. It showed they could be combined and you could make it something your own.”

My hangover record…
Sam Cooke – Lost And Looking
Milo: “It’s a great soul record from one of the great soul voices.”

You must watch…
The Band – The Last Waltz
Robbie: “It’s a DVD, but it had a record with it. It was their last performance after bing on the road for 15 years. It has all these amazing musicians in it, it has Neil Young, Van Morrison, Neil Diamond comes in – it’s amazing.”

My guilty pleasure…
John Farnham – You’re The Voice
Robbie: “It’s just incredible. One, the video’s incredible. The chorus is incredible. The video, the guitarist is pretty much dressed in Rambo. They’re all in trench coats.”