The Blackout – Broken Limbs And Superman Punches

Tue 19th May: Manchester


Another day another dollar lost. I swear my bunk takes the money from my jeans in my sleep, god knows what it’s spending it on. It’s not air fresheners I can tell you. Today was originally a day off but we had an instore organised in Manchester’s HMV so we get another early start. We have a good laugh with everyone there including the security who when asked the last time they choked someone out, replied with a short thoughtful pause followed by “uh? not yesterday the day before”.Brilliant.


We head back to the bus, we’re parked outside the Manchester Academy which affords us the opportunity of a well needed shower. The plan for the day was curry. Alex and Kevin from The Urgency join us for a spicy delight on what is known as “The Curry Mile”. I decide to tell the waiter that it’s Rich our Tour Manager’s birthday. As classy as the establishment is, out comes a tub of Haagen-Dazs with a sparkler stuck in it. Again, brilliant.

We head back ready for an early night, show day tomorrow so we need our rest and all that. Well at least that was the plan. Sean and James pop the heads upstairs to say they’re off out on the town. So a cab ride, a detour for chewing gum and a con-man later and we’re in Manchester’s very own Satan’s Hallow, a rock club that mimics the dark bowels of hell itself. If this is the case they must play a lot of Fall Out Boy in hell. Some of Silverstein and The Urgency join us half hour later and a good night is had by all, and an even better night for some, if you catch my drift.

Wed 20th May: Manchester

I’m a lazy bugger today and I don’t get out of bed until 12:30. We all load in and it’s a pretty boring day today because there’s a sound curfew at the venue and we can’t make any noise until 5pm. So the day is spent doing some work and watching funny videos on youtube. Snatch vs Star Wars defiantly worth the watch.

Tonight’s show is amazing, whenever we’re in Manchester we always have a great show, massive circle pits, crowd surfing everyone just having a good time. I later find out that it was some guys first Blackout show and he got his nose broken in the pit. Regardless of a bloody face and a disjointed conk he still thinks it’s was “fucking brilliant”.



Bus call is at 1am today and doesn’t leave time for much partying which i think after last night’s shenanigans a lot of us are thankful for. So just a quick quiet one around the corner at Big Hands, which reminds me that I owe Shane a drink. We head back to the bus and I show some of The Urgency some pictures of the origins of The Blackout circa 2003. Wow.

Thu 21st May: Norwich

I have the best sleep I’ve had all tour so far and wake up outside the venue ready for the day. Our album ‘The Best In Town’ was uploaded to myspace in the morning so I spend some time sending out, bulletins, blogs and messages. Feed back is good, it looks like people like the album as much we we do, which is a lot.

Today’s show is the type of show I love playing, 700 people and us jammed in a small room. It’s hot as hell, people are moving, people are singing and towards the end of the show there’s sweat dripping from the ceiling. Quality.


There’s a bit of a drive tonight so we leave for Wolverhampton at 1am. We go get kebabs, pizza and chips for the journey, nothing but the healthiest supper for us. What can i say these American’s love a good kebab.

Fri 22nd May: Wolverhampton

I wake up to the sound of flesh being pounded by flesh. James had gone into town to pick up the new UFC game. So most of the morning is spent roundhouse kicking, elbowing and superman punching each other from the comfort of our own Xbox pads.

It’s our second time at the Wulfrun hall and tonight surpassed the first. Everyone seemed to be on form. The Urgency, Hollywood Undead and Silverstein are getting these crowds so riled up, it’s a joy watching them every night.


The next day is a day off in Leeds so we all decide to go find somewhere to party. After seeing a woman lying on a police car posing for a picture we decide to stay as close as we can to the buses. So
we go into a club night above where we played and it is the most surreal club I have ever been to. Imagine a wedding, in a 2500 capacity venue, with the round tables at the back, the typical wedding play list, Dirty Dancing’s time of my life, on the ragga tip where my personal highlights. I buy back the drink i owed Shane and we head for the dance floor. It was a dance off between The Urgency, Silverstein and The Blackout as Hollywood Undead had to leave early. I’d like to think it was an even draw as some of the shapes we were pulling were sublime.

Sat 23rd May: Leeds

It’s a day off and we wake up outside Leeds University, the venue for tomorrow’s Slam Dunk Festival which all the bands on our tour are playing. As days off are usually slow and boring some of us head into town to get some food. We decide to go watch a film so make our way over to a cinema. We catch some of Hollywood Undead’s crew stumbling out of a bar telling us that they’ve been “piss drunk since 2pm”. We leave them to “sleep it off” and go see Angels and Demons. It’s ok, bit of an obvious twist but it was better than sitting on a bus all day. Fresh air kids, you need it.

There’s a pre-slam dunk party in the night which we are honor bound to go too, being always up for a party and all. We spend the night moshing to slipknot, catching up with people we haven’t seen in forever and Gareth bouncing me into the ceiling. Me, Tyler and Kevinm are last to leave and decide to get a chicken kebab. While in the cue Kevin reveals to me that he once had Thanks Giving Dinner with Rhianna. Small world aye?


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