The Blackout – “If We Didn’t Have Bad Luck, We’d Have Fuck All”

Dublin:Sat 16th May


Today’s show is in the afternoon so we get woken up at 8:30am to load all our gear in to Dublin Academy. To many people this doesn’t sound that early, but when you get to bed at 2am and suffer a rough ferry crossing, resulting in no sleep, you can imagine why we were less than enthusiastic about the whole situation. Loading complete and numerous cups of coffee later, the doors opened at 12:30 when everyone starts filing in.

It’s our first time meeting The Urgency who turn out to be both scholars and gents – I’ve become a big fan of this band. Our London brothers We Are The Ocean rile up the crowd even more, making sure the crowd are nice and warmed up for us. Both these bands are well worth checking out.

Our first headline date back since what seems forever and all goes well. Dublin we love you and we will be back! Because of the early finish on the show, we head out with The Urgency into Dublin’s streets to “Bro Down” in the only fashion that Ireland allows. Drinking our own weight in Guinness. But alas, the early start hits us hard around 10pm and we all go back to the bus to watch Clockwork Orange.

Sun 17th May: Cardiff

It’s official. I hate ferries. After another crap sleep, we get to the venue a bit late so sound checks get fucked, power goes out, basically everything that could go wrong does go wrong. Luckily everything gets sorted and everyone goes on and we test out some new technology and stream the show live over the Internet. They didn’t have that when I was a kid.


Silverstein join us today and after the show we head out for some drinks and some food. Rich (our tour manager) and I show some of them the delights of Cardiff’s very own chip shop alley and the taste sensation that is Cheese, chips and gravy. We all go back to a small pub and have a few drinks under a massive neon sign that reads “What the Fuck”, which is some what apt when you notice that the band on stage has a member that looks like Mr T and we were told later that the guitar he was playing was one of Prince’s old signature guitar. We head back after a few as we’re still reeling from the crappy nights sleep and shitty ferry journeys.

Mon 18th May:Yeovil

As the saying goes “If we didn’t have bad luck, we’d have fuck all”. Our bus breaks down 3 times En route to Yeovil and we have to call out a mechanic. Mick, our bus driver, tells us it’s shitty filters, which I thought were a punk band from the seventies but it turns out that I’m wrong. Then again why would a punk band from the eighties be trying to sabotaging our tour bus? We managed to get to the venue in time to load in. The show goes great and it’s the first date that Hollywood Undead join the tour. Because of the bus situation everything is a bit hectic today so we don’t manage to stick around for long because we have to cart all our gear from one bus to our new bus for the night. So that done we head out early to Manchester to do a HMV instore in the morning. We settle down and watch Death Race, which is brilliant and made so by one man, Mr Jason Statham You can’t see me but I’m saluting.

Until next time – peace out.