The Video For The Chemical Brothers’ Beck Collaboration Is Deeply Trippy – Watch It Here

The Chemical Brothers always put a lot of effort into making their music videos look awesome, and their videos for 2015’s ‘Born In The Echoes’ have been no exception. Last year’s ‘Go’ was directed by Michel Gondry, a fan of surreal fantasy who’s directed videos for Björk (‘Bachelorette’) and The White Stripes (‘Fell In Love With A Girl’), and had a troupe of android-seeming, pipe-holding ladies wandering through Paris’ Front-de-Seine in synchrony.

Sometimes I Feel So Deserted’ was similarly robotic, featuring a robot-lady played by Star Wars actor Hannah John-Kamen. In it, she fuelled herself with petrol, replaced her broken leg with a metal pipe and, Mad Max-style, threatened the group of men chasing her across the desert.

Now they’ve created something even more mesmerising for Beck-featuring track ‘Wide Open’, also taken from ‘Born In The Echoes’, and it’s got a roster of unbelievable talent. Veteran music video directors DOM&NIC directed this one – their eighth for the group. It’s a hypnotic one-shot scene choreographed by Wayne McGregor – the guy behind Radiohead’s ‘Lotus Flower’ dance – with startling visual effects from Oscar Winning post-production effects group The Mill. These make dancer and actor Sonoya Mizuno – who trained at the Royal Ballet and starred in Ex Machina as mute AI servant Kyoko – appear to have limbs that slowly morph into a hollow mesh. Watch her hypnotic performance below.