The Chinese Star Wars Trailer Is The Most Revealing Yet – The 11 New Bits Of Footage Unpicked

The Star Wars machine has nearly reached its destination. We’re just seven days away from the big day, when The Force Awakens is finally released on December 17. Over the past few months there’s been a huge slew of marketing material released, but much of it has recycled the same content again and again, adding in a couple of seconds of new footage each time.

Not this Chinese trailer though, released last night (December 9). It’s probably got about a minute’s worth of new shots in it. Spoiler-averse types should stop reading before we get round to actually examining each new shot, but don’t worry – we still don’t really know the plot of the movie.

1. Attack on Jakku

This shot looks like it’s on the desert planet of Jakku, where our new protagonists Rey and Finn (below) first meet.

It comes under attack by the evil First Order – seemingly twice, once at night and once during the day – and the pair are forced to leave. The new footage looks like an extension of the flamethrower-filled night attack we’ve seen from The First Order’s Captain Phasma, who’s played by Gwendoline Christie (below).

2. BB-8’s provenance is classified – as is Rey’s

This must be just after Rey’s met little droid BB-8. Asking him where he’s from, he replies that information is classified – and she says it is for her too. This would indicate she’s the daughter of someone important – fans have already speculated that she’s related to the original trilogy’s Han and Leia, or even Luke Skywalker, who’s been noticeably absent from all of the marketing material for the new film.

3. A bunch of X-wings escort the Millennium Falcon to a battle

This one comes just before some aerial battles above a tree-covered planet. This either means Han Solo, Chewbacca, Rey, Finn and BB-8 (in the Falcon) join up with a group of Resistance X-Wings to help attack that planet, or they’re there to liberate the people there from First Order oppressors. Or some other reason, who knows.

4. Poe Dameron is moved around a First Order base

We already knew ace Resistance pilot Poe Dameron ended up getting caught by The First Order – some people theorise that he gets freed by Finn, and they crash-land on Jakku – but we’ve not seen him getting walked around the ship. If fans aren’t mistaken, that could be Finn in the Stormtrooper suit.

5. The Millennium Falcon flies above a lush landscape

No escort of X-Wings here, as far as we can see. This could be when Han takes his pals to see Maz Kanata, an ancient pirate alien who can tell the future, apparently. She’s played by Lupita Nyong’o (below).

6. X-Wings attack a base/weapon on a snow planet

This looks like it could be the Resistance’s final assault on the First Order’s base on a snow planet. That massive structure looks like it could be a land-based superweapon.

7. Stormtroopers prepare to move out

We’ve seen this image before, but with the Stormtroopers’ backs turned. Here they face towards the camera, as if preparing to go into battle.

8. Han Solo looks like he’s in trouble

Han’s at the controls of the Falcon in this scene, and it looks like it’s going down…

9. The Millennium Falcon crashes

…and this could be the scene where it actually does. It blasts through some snow-drizzled pines and bellyflops onto a huge drift of powder snow. Not good news. Looks suspiciously like the place where bad guy Kylo Ren has a lightsaber face-off with Finn (and Rey, possibly).

10. Finn battles a special Stormtrooper

We’ve seen some footage of this already, but here we get a proper look at the battle. Notice this isn’t the snow planet.

11. A First Order base gets blown up

Some Stormtroopers get hurt in the blast here, but it’s not very clear where it is, or who’s behind the explosion. The internet will have to wait until December 17 to find out.

Watch the trailer in its sort-of revelatory entirety here: