The Cribs’ Gary Jarman – My Music

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My first record…
Aztec Camera – Somewhere In My Heart
“My mum took me to Boots, I didn’t know who the song was by, I had to sing it to the woman behind the counter.”

A record by a hero…
Orange Juice – The Glasgow School
“The Domino compilation that came out is brilliant because it compiles all their early recordings, which is the best way to hear a band like that.”

I wish I’d written…
The Kinks – Waterloo Sunset
“It’s my favourite song. It seems sad in some ways, but without being in any way soporific. It’s a perfect pop song.”

I’ve played to death…
The Beatles – ‘A Hard Day’s Night’
“We used to drive over to Leeds or Sheffield or wherever to do a show and we’d leave it on repeat. It was the soundtrack to so many journeys on the motorway and late night drives back.”

The biggest impression…

Sonic Youth – ‘Dirty’
“I got into it when I was about 14 or 15. It’s weird, some of the songs to me seemed almost impermeable, I’d never heard anything as noisy or drawn out and long. But I listen to it now and it almost sounds like pop songs.”

Everyone should hear…
The Vaselines – ‘Enter The Vaselines’
“It’s a compilation of basically all the seven-inches they ever did. You can’t believe it when you listen to it – every song is perfect.”

My karaoke song…
The Beach Boys – ‘Kokomo’
“It’s one of their songs from the ’80s – it’s considered to be their low point. It’s almost like pastiche Beach Boys. I don’t even think Brian Wilson had anything to do with it.”

Listen to a selection of these tunes as a We7 playlist: