The Cribs’ Ryan Jarman On His Cult Hero

This week’s issue of the magazine celebrates music’s Ultimate Cult Heroes, from Syd Barrett to Jay Reatard, Mark E. Smith and The Sonics. Here, in an extended extract from the mag, The Cribs’ Ryan Jarman talks us through his own cult hero, Bobby Conn…

NME Cult Heroes

I spent some time in Chicago a few years back, which is where Bobby Conn hails from and he gave me a copy of his first, self-titled record. It’s really quite out there, but also contains the absolute pure pop gem that is ‘Never Gonna Get Ahead’ (a song about not using oral sex to advance your career).

He’s so smart – his lyrics are the icing on the cake. Everything from the corruption of Bush-era America (‘The Homeland’) to scoring ecstasy from a one-legged guy in England who kidnapped him in his Cherokee Jeep. It draws you in to his world, which seems nothing like yours.


His album ‘The Golden Age’ is still one of my favourite records this millennium. It’s such a great pop record that references everything worth referencing in 20th century music, yet is entirely its own unique beast. You will love it, I’m sure. Whoever you are.

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