The Drums’ Jonathan Pierce – My Music

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A record by a hero…
Bjork – Homogenic
“I just think it’s a perfect album from beginning to end. It’s the album that let me know that its OK to do whatever you want and to be completely selfish.”

A tearjerker…
The Smiths – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
“Every time I hear it I get goose bumps.”

Right now I’m loving…
Camera Obscura – French Navy
“Jacob’s [Graham, The Drums guitarist] a little scavenger for young and obscure bands and he played me that song.”

I wish I’d written…
Fleetwood Mac – Landslide
“It’s hard to even talk about! Those lyrics ‘I built my life around you’ I think its something that everyone at some point in their life can relate to.”

To make me dance…
Saint Etienne – Kiss And Make Up
“It’s a cover of this band called the Field Mice; I discovered it on a blog.”

A big influence…

Shangri-Las – Give im A Great Big Kiss
“This song had such an influence on The Drums, in the biggest way.”