The Drums’ UK Tour Diary

Recently, on a crisp November morning I woke up later than I should have, way past noon, and bought some new shoes.

A triumph of the human spirit! I can just see myself now on stages all across Europe spinning and twirling with my tambourine wearing my new shoes.

That will of course be in February 2010. I hope you like my new shoes. But now, we’ll reminisce a little about our previous trip across the Atlantic.

Our first concert in the UK at The Flower Pot. This was before anyone arrived. Probably right after our sound check.

Connor and Jonathan on a couch upstairs after that first show. They look like they’re having a good time. Our second concert in London was opening for The White Lies.

Here we have Adam, Connor and I in the lobby of the BBC radio station in Wales. We’re all really excited because we’ve never been to Wales before and everyone is being very nice to us.

And this is me and Jonathan in front of a castle in Wales. We wanted to go inside but it closed before we got a chance. I was a little disappointed.

This is a concert we did in Manchester; a place we’ve always wanted to visit. To our surprise (and delight) we had a special guest show up, Mike Joyce of The Smiths! Can you believe it? Neither could we.

He came to one of our concerts and asked us to record some of our songs for his radio show. This photo is just after we did that. He is such a nice guy, very encouraging.

Here’s another time we were on the radio. They let us play a bunch of songs we like and we talked about why we liked them.

Sometimes when we DJ at parties we have so much fun that we get tired and have to take a nap right in the middle of the dance floor.