This Dude Has Recorded ‘Get Lucky’ In The Style Of 10 Legendary Guitarists

‘Get Lucky’: the song of the summer! Well, the song of two summers ago.

Remember when we told you about the guy who recorded Adele’s ‘Hello’ is the style of 25 different musicians? Sure you do. Well, it perhaps proved inspiration for guitarist André Valter of Portuguese rock group David Antunes & The Midnight Band, who has opted to play the Daft Punk track ‘Get Lucky’ in the style of 10 famous and influential guitarists.

He moshes like Kurt, noodles like Santana and shreds like Van Halen. The Brian May one goes on a bit, mind. Anyway, the video’s blown up on Facebook, with over eight million views and counting, plus two-and-a-half million on YouTube. Fame and fortune awaits.