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So apparently it was Record Store Day at the weekend, a worldwide celebration of the remaining few independent retailers soldiering on in the face of free and stolen downloads and a collapsing industry. I didn’t notice either.

Death to record store

When we blogged about the slowly decaying state of small shops and labels recently it elicited quite a response, most of it from seemingly passionate music fans who pledge to prop the whole thing up one way or another and indies vowing to carry on regardless. Which is obviously great news. Spotify might be a whole lot easier than trawling through Amoeba but a whole lot less fun.

Depending on which side you sit this blog is one of the scythes decapitating the industry or essentially an advert for great new music that encourages you all to get involved in the rest of the – shudder while you say it – 360 degree experience (live shows, merch, full albums, vinyl boxsets etc).

And most labels (with a few notable exceptions) are keen to get stuff up here. Those that don’t? Well, you don’t hear about their artists. “Shoegaze” label Sonic Cathedral is as indie as they come, started several years ago by an NME journo and doggedly putting on awesome nights of noise in London and releasing ltd 7”s. They just put out a full length CD of their first 11 singles, which means debut efforts from the likes of School Of Seven Bells, Kyte and Sarabeth Tucek, rarities from Maps, M83 and Ride’s Mark Gardener and loads others.

Sonic Cathedral sleeve

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