The Economist’s Subtle Bowie Tributes Are Pretty Cool

Non-readers might assume The Economist is a little bit stuffy, but its editorial team disproved that assumption this week with their carefully planted tributes to David Bowie, who passed away on Sunday (January 10). In the new edition of the weekly news magazine, their editorial tone remained the same, but there were some ingenious workarounds.

In the below images you can see exactly how they managed it – each subheading was a Bowie lyric or song title. ‘Changes’ was used to describe political movements in Tunisia, Cameroon, Jakarta and Cameroon. ‘Under Pressure’ introduced a section on the 12-year low price of oil – $30 a barrel. ‘Sound And Vision’ preceded a segment on the film industry.

If those tributes aren’t obvious or big-hearted enough for you, check out the magazine’s impressively exhaustive infographic on Bowie’s unparalleled career below.