The End Of The Libertines – Inside This Week’s NME

In this week’s NME..

It looks like the final end of The Libertines, as in the wake of the premiere of a new ‘warts and all to say the very least’ documentary, we speak to the band and find that there’s now no way back for Pete and Carl. Exclusive, incredibly candid interviews and photos from the wreckage…

In more pleasant news, Beastie Boys are back, MCA’s making a good recovery, and their new album’s cracking. YES!

Bob Marley – peace and love and spliffs? Not a bit of it. The guy was a properly hard-nut, revolutionary rock n roll star, and we’ve got the feature to prove it…

We also speak to The Cribs to find out why Johnny Marr suddenly decided to leave the band. WHY CAN’T EVERYONE JUST GET ON?

On top of that there’s The Strokes, Odd Future, Friendly Fires and the most comprehensive reviews, news and gig guide sections around.

Buy it, or we’ll get Pete Doherty to breathe on you.

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