The Ending Of ‘Stranger Things’ Mimicked This Other Cult TV Show

Blitzed Stranger Things yet? If not, spoilers are coming.

The series was packed full of brilliant 80s film references but we couldn’t help but notice the ending mimicked another one of our favourite cult TV shows.

With all seemingly well again in Weirdsville, family Byers sit down for a happy Thanksgiving dinner. Little Will excuses himself to go to the bathroom and it’s there that things take a twisted turn.

Will begins to cough, and up comes a slimy Demogorgon spawn which slithers away down the plughole. The boy pats his chest, wipes his mouth and returns to his family, all smiles. Sinister – but not the first time we’ve seen something like this.

David Lynch’s Twin Peaks – the 1990 cult classic which saw Agent Dale Cooper trying to solve the murder of Laura Palmer – had a very similar ending.

The loveable agent Cooper, one of the only characters who isn’t a suspect throughout the show’s two-series run, looks in the mirror. It’s there he sees, the reflection of Bob, the terrifying demonic entity that occupies the hosts of others, staring back at him. The series ends. The viewer is left aghast.

So what does this mean for wee Willy? Is he to become the monster? His lack of surprise and terror at puking up a freak-slug suggests that he’s aware of what’s happening to him. Has the Demogorgon, like Bob, taken over? Is Will now under his control? Will Eleven need to return to save Mike from his friend and banish Will back into The Upsidedown?

Let’s just hope we get an answer quicker than Twin Peaks fans have been waiting for theirs.