The Entertainment World Reacts To Leicester Winning The Premier League

It’s happened. Leicester City, one of last season’s worst-performing Premier League teams, have clinched the title with two games to spare. A Cinderella story for many, the boys in blue’s meteoric rise to the top of the table has by no means gone unnoticed in the world of music, TV and film.

Heck, even Adele came down from her ivory tower to give the lads a pat on the back. Although she wasn’t too happy her beloved Spurs wouldn’t be lifting the trophy this time around.

She wasn’t the only member of the music sphere to freak out about the result. Swim Deep’s Cavan McCarthy, grime rapper Stormzy, Ghostpoet and The Kooks were just some of the stars taking to Twitter to air their astonishment.

Pop’s big hitters weren’t shy about who they were backing. Both teeny-bopper Niall Horan and Robbie Williams tweeted their support for the East Midlands team.

And, of course, self-confessed super-fans Serge and Tom of Kasabian were over the (blue) moon about the whole thing.

TV heavyweights weren’t slow to show their appreciation either. James Corden said he had “renewed faith in football”, and it was a ‘family affair’ for the Whitehalls. It’s safe to say ‘‘Arrested Development’ and ‘Flaked’ actor Will Arnett might have gotten a little over-excited…

If you thought the actual match was the biggest clash of the day then think again. Politics’ big guns battled it out to see who could milk the most support from football fans – both Jezza Corbyn and David Cameron gave their heartfelt and completely genuine “congratulations” to the Leicester players.

Two of the fake tan industry’s biggest customers posted tributes too. Yup, it’s former footballers David Beckham and Gary Lineker.

Obviously the question on everyone’s lips now is did Tom Hanks cash out early or not?