The Essential Nu-Metal Playlist

Nu-metal is the marmite of heavy music. The crossover genre set millions jumping and thumping in the late 90s and early 00s, and also sent trillions reaching for a sick-bag and burning red caps across the globe. The internationally chart-topping concoction – which fused the heavy riffs and beats of rock music with a hip-hop and rap sensibility – still sends dance floors loopy when it hit the decks, but continuously alludes serious critical acclaim. With genre frontrunners Limp Bizkit now back in 2011 – and due to release their new album ‘Gold Cobra’ next week (June 27) – what better time to look back and celebrate the beats and bounce of nu-metal.


American Head Charge – ‘Just So You Know’
Quirky Minnesota metallers mixing industrial beats with electronics and spooky vocals. The band officially called it a day in 2009.

Coal Chamber – ‘Loco’
Dez Fafara (now of Devildriver) and co go a bit crazy on this curious little ditty that’s an easy-peasy singalong.

Crazy Town – ‘Butterfly’
Yikes. Perhaps the sleaziest sounding of the nu-metal gang, this hip-wriggling rapped number prompted a lot of half-naked dancefloor shimmying.

Disturbed – ‘Down With The Sickness’
Oo ah ah ah ah!

Drowning Pool – ‘Bodies’
One.. nothing wrong with me. Two.. nothing wrong with me!

(Hed) PE ‘P.O.S.’
Californian rap metallers fronted by the long-legged Jared Gomes. Most recently released the album ‘Truth Rising’ in 2010.

Hoobastank – ‘Crawling In The Dark’
A distinctive into (and collective groan perhaps) makes this one a must-hear addition to the list.

Insane Clown Posse – ‘Hokus Pokus’
Who would have ever thought that this Detroit face-painted duo would go on to have their own fan-festival and millions of online hits?

Korn – ‘Blind’
Classic track. Awesome band. Still going strong and set to release a new bunch of material later this year!

Limp Bizkit ‘Rollin’
Fred and co go hip-pop crazy with this little ditty from 2000’s ‘Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavoured Water’.

Linkin Park – ‘Crawling’
International super stars and recent Download Festival headliners start out as they mean to carry on – with huge riffs, catchy vocal melodies and the odd rap attack.

Lostprophets – ‘Shinobi Vs Dragon Ninja’
Yes, there was a time the Welsh lovelies weren’t so beautifully turned out and smarty dressed. Check out their skater-vibe beginnings with this brilliant bouncer.

Mudvayne – ‘Not Falling’
Illinois metallers fronted by Chad Gray who are now five albums into a career that is still going strong.

One Minute Silence ‘Stuck Between A Rock And A White Face’
Brit inclusion who sadly recently had to cancel their reunited-at-Sonisphere appearance while finishing up work on new material.

Papa Roach – ‘Last Resort’
Teenage angst, passionate delivery, stomping frontman – it’s all here.

POD – ‘Alive’
The Christian metallers rock out with this epic composure featuring some seriously solid beats.

Sevendust – ‘Bitch’
Recent Download Festival performers, and now onto their eighth album, the Atlanta rockers are huge in their native States and deserve to be massive internationally.

Spineshank – ‘New Disease’
Californians fronted by Jonny Santos. Get jumping!

Staind – ‘It’s Been Awhile’
The only ballad of the bunch, but an essential inclusion to wind things down and to tip our hats and eyebrow piercings to Fred Durst’s pal Aaron Lewis.

Taproot – ‘Poem’
Michigan rockers who released their latest album ‘Plead The Fifth’ in 2010 and are touring the US this summer.

Here is an essential 20-track nu-metal playlist. Subscribe to the playlist on Spotify over here and get your office rollin’.